Let's Get Zen With Our Pens

I’m recharging my creative batteries this month. I don’t know about you but periodically, when I’m really focused on running my online business, I forget to set aside time for my own creative practice. Then, all of a sudden, I realize that I’m really missing it and need to restructure my time to incorporate personal creative time back into my week.

One of the things that helps me relax and ease back into being creative is sketching. Today’s video tutorial is all about opening yourself to the possibility of relaxation and that feel of “zen-ness” that comes from focusing on a creative project and forgetting about everything else for a little while.

Here is what my final sketches look like.

Here is a list of the supplies I’m using right now:

o   Canson mixed media sketch book in the 7 by 9-inch size (2 pack)

o   A set of 11 permanent ink pens by Molotow – love these!

o   Paper Mate SharpWriter #2 pencils

o   Staedtler eraser

I picked leaves and sprigs for today’s creative practice because I was really inspired when I watched Shayda Campbell’s YouTube channel recently. I’ve linked to it for you because you have to check it out if you aren’t following her already.

She has such a beautiful way about her and her artwork is gorgeous. I’ve been following her for a while and it’s been very inspirational to watch her progress. She recently did a behind the scenes studio tour of her new space which was a lot of fun to watch.

I subscribe to a variety of creative services and channels – I’ll have to write a blog post about all of my favorites!

Okay. Enough said. Let’s jump into today’s practice. Get yourself a cup of tea or a large glass of fresh water and let’s begin.

Have fun!


It’s Never Too Late to Create

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