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Join Me & Discover Your Pattern Design Genius

It’s Never Too Late To Create


Hello there, I’m Anne! I teach a proven step by step process that transforms your sketches and artwork into beautiful and unique repeating patterns. Once you’ve mastered the steps, the sky’s the limit. Turn your designs into fabric or sell them on mugs, notebooks, phone cases, paper products and more. The options are endless. Join me and I’ll guide your learning journey in surface pattern design and deliver the training, encouragement and support you need to succeed in this incredibly exciting field.



The Club

Are you looking to enhance your surface pattern design skills with monthly video tutorials and a supportive, members-only community so that you aren’t learning all by yourself? Join The Pattern Design Club, a monthly membership for surface pattern designers and create everything from fabric to mugs, notebooks, paper and more.

The Class

Do you learn best with a step by step online course? Enroll in From Sketch to Wrapping Paper and learn the fundamentals of surface pattern design in a fun and inspiring new way. You’ll actually make real wrapping paper with your own design on it. It’s exhilarating when the package arrives and you open it to discover your very own, unique designs.

The Coach

Would you prefer to accelerate your learning and take your surface pattern design skills to the next level even faster? Do you dream of building your own surface design business? Contact me for information on private coaching options including one-on-one coaching and small group workshops.


Get Started in Surface Pattern Design

Do you see patterns everywhere and have you always wanted to create your own? Download my top five tips and get access to my free video series.



We Can Do Hard Things

I’ve been reminded this week of how incredibly capable we all are of achieving challenging goals. What makes the difference? Is it purely mindset or are other factors involved? I think it’s a combination of the two. Here are the top 5 things that I believe really make a positive difference in helping you achieve a challenging goal.

I’m inspired by the student accomplishments and achievements that I witnessed in my free Surface Pattern Design Masterclass that just wrapped up last week.



I was so inspired by Anne’s Masterclass that I signed up as a Founding Member of The Pattern Design Club as soon as I had access to it!
— Trudy Wehl
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for your great enthusiasm. I thought my boat had sailed but you are right in saying: It’s Never Too Late To Create.
— Jacqui Baxter
I am so grateful to have taken Anne’s course. I was laid off and have been trying to find inspiration and direction for a new career path. Anne has truly given me hope that I might find that path through surface design.
— Joanne Donnelly


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