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The Pattern Design Academy

Surface Design Course & Coaching


Hello there, I’m Anne! I teach a proven step by step process that transforms your sketches and artwork into beautiful and unique repeating patterns using Adobe Illustrator. Once you’ve mastered the steps, the sky’s the limit. Turn your designs into fabric or sell them on mugs, notebooks, phone cases, paper products and more. The options are endless. Join me and I’ll guide your learning journey in surface pattern design and deliver the training, encouragement and support you need to succeed in this incredibly exciting field. There is room for you!



The Club

Want to enhance your surface pattern design skills with weekly accountability in a supportive, members-only community so that you aren’t learning all by yourself? The Pattern Design Club, a monthly membership for surface pattern designers, is an exclusive community only made available to students who have completed my Pattern Design Academy program.


The Class

Do you learn best with an in-depth online course combined with personalized coaching? Enroll in The Pattern Design Academy, an 8 week online course and coaching program that delivers the A to Z about surface pattern design. You’ll be fully prepared and ready to sign your first licensing contract or sell your products both directly and indirectly. Enrollment opens on May 20.

The Coach

Accelerate your learning and take your surface pattern design skills to the next level even faster. Do you dream of building your own online business? Contact me for information about small group coaching. Learn everything from how to set up your business online and grow your email list to how to earn income from a variety of sources.


Get Started in Surface Pattern Design

Do you see patterns everywhere and have you always wanted to create your own? Download my top five tips and get access to my free video series.



Top 3 Ways to Make Money in Surface Pattern Design

It’s funny but until I learned about Surface Pattern Design a few years ago, I had no idea that this entire industry existed. Maybe you’ve never heard of it either. Once you know about it and dive into making your own designs, your whole perspective shifts. You notice patterns EVERYWHERE you look and I want to make sure you realize the vast opportunities that await you in the industry.


I’m in Paris retracing my childhood. I learned to swim in the Lutetia Hotel pool. It’s been transformed into a gorgeous Hermes store. They kept the original tile floor and beautiful ironwork balconies. A magnificent staircase drops you into the space where the Olympic-sized pool used to be. Photos by Kim Thompson Steel



I have enjoyed and looked forward to every moment of The Pattern Design Academy course. It has delivered beyond my expectations and has been such a joyful and fun journey. Anne’s wonderful teaching skills and delightful enthusiasm allow us to easily join into this diverse and beautiful creative world.
— Shauna Kendall
Don’t let your fear of computers or design programs scare you or worry that your artistic skills aren’t very strong. Don’t let these deter you from taking The Pattern Design Academy program. Anne is an amazing teacher and guide. She will help you master the steps to completing a pattern repeat and gain confidence along the way. She wants every single one of her students to succeed. The group setting is wonderful. You will also see that even the simplest of motifs can create incredibly beautiful patterns. You’ll surprise yourself!
— Karen Booth
The Pattern Design Academy course has been amazing. I have gained so much knowledge. The timeline is also fantastic. I can move at my own pace. For me, what has been most important, is the confidence that I have gained in my skills. The private Facebook group was fantastic with all of the support and encouragement and as a great source of information.
— Vivian Gomez

Private Coaching

Now Available



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