Happy New Year! 2019 Is Going To Be Great.

Welcome to this first blog of 2019! I’m excited to be writing again after taking a break over the holidays. It was wonderful spending time with friends and family and powering down from all of my electronic devices. I hope you took advantage of some downtime as well.

I’m ready to dive into 2019 and embrace everything it has in store for both you and me. I’ve been working on a new surface pattern design course and I’m super excited about it. I’ll be sharing more details about it in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Many of you found me through my Top 5 Tips for Getting Started in Surface Pattern Design. I’m so grateful to have you in my growing creative community. My goal in 2019 is to help more of you learn the step-by-step process of making your first repeating pattern. As you know by now, I’m very passionate about this topic because of the incredible joy it has brought to my life. I’m eager to share this creative practice with you so that more of you can experience this joy alongside me.

Let’s kick off 2019 with a bang and successfully complete your first repeating pattern together. I’ve created a brand new 3-part video series that shows you the step-by-step process that I follow every time I create a new repeating pattern. I’m including the video series right here for you.


All you need to create a repeating pattern is a computer (Mac or PC), Adobe Illustrator, some paper and a pen. If you don’t own Illustrator, you can get a free trial at adobe.com. We can get fancy later but right now, let’s keep it really simple. I want you to learn the overall process and create your first pattern quickly. I think you’ll LOVE IT and I’m excited to share my step-by-step process with you.

The video series is in three parts: Getting Started, Sketching & Digitizing, and Color & Design. Remember, it’s bare bones! I’m keeping this as simple as possible so you get the overall picture and create a simple repeating pattern quickly. I’ve kept the videos short with no fluff.

·      Video 1: Getting Started

·      Video 2: Sketching & Digitizing

·      Video 3: Color & Design

One of the barriers that frequently comes up before students jump into surface pattern design is: “I can’t draw”. Well, I don’t believe that! Everyone can doodle and in this video series I’m literally going to use one simple daisy sketch that I drew in less than one minute. Here’s what it looks like. I show you how I drew it in the video series so feel free to copy it! 

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 8.05.36 AM.png

This little daisy that I drew with a black pen turns into this really simple, cute repeating pattern!


I talk more about the “I can’t draw” phenomenon in this blog post if you want to read more.

Please watch the videos in order. Each video builds on the one before it. I’ve kept the videos as short as possible to get you to the finish line as quickly as possible. Getting to the finish line with a simple repeating pattern shows you what’s involved and gives you the confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Let’s jump into the video series. I can’t wait to see your first repeating pattern. If you’re in our private Facebook group, Anne’s Art Club, post it there!

Happy New Year. And remember,

It’s Never Too Late to Create

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