Free LIVE Workshop: How To Get Started In Surface Pattern Design

Enrollment is open for my free LIVE workshop: How to Get Started in Surface Pattern Design! I only offer this program a few times a year and this is the last time you can participate in 2019.

Here is what it’s all about. If you are interested in exploring Surface Pattern Design, what better way to get started than by taking this free LIVE workshop. Over 5 days, I teach you each step in the process from sketching by hand, to digitizing your work in the computer using Adobe Illustrator and creating your first successfully repeating pattern. Once you know the basic steps, the sky’s the limit, my friend.

Enrollment is open for the next few days so you don’t want to miss it. Keep reading for all the juicy details…

Step 1: Enroll!

Save your log in credentials – the email and password you create when you sign up. You’ll use these to access replays and extra free goodies including cheat sheets and downloads during the workshop. Take note that your confirmation email will say: “Thank you for your purchase” but that’s just default language. This program is free and you are not asked for a credit card or payment of any kind.

Here is what Sharon Ohnesorge had to say: “I love this 5 day class! My biggest AHAs are that I can do this. It’s even more fun than I thought it would be. I can make something on the computer that still feels unique and personal. I am re-inspired and re-invigorated!”

Step 2: Download The Schedule

The workshop starts on Monday, September 30 and runs for 5 straight days.

o   Monday, September 30 at noon pdt: Getting Started

o   Tuesday, October 1 at noon pdt: Sketching

o   Wednesday, October 2 at noon pdt: Intro to Adobe Illustrator

o   Thursday, October 3 at noon pdt: Creating Your Repeating Pattern

o   Friday, October 4 at noon pdt: Selling Your Work

I teach each session LIVE at noon pacific standard time in the US. Use a time zone converter to figure out what time that is in your local area or country. While replays will be available for a limited time, it’s a lot more fun if you participate LIVE along with me. You can ask questions in the moment and engage directly with me and other students.

Get inspired by what Laura Bowden had to say: “My win is the sense of accomplishment I feel from completing a successful pattern. And, it wasn't as difficult as I feared!!

Look at Laura’s lovely sketch and beautiful pattern!

Step 3: Join Anne’s Art Club

The LIVE lessons take place inside our private Facebook group, Anne’s Art Club. Request to join and introduce yourself in the group. You’ll post your work and get encouragement from me and your fellow students throughout the workshop. Learning in community with other like-minded creatives is invigorating and motivating. This private community is full of such amazing talent and I can’t wait to have you add your own unique gifts to the mix.

Know Adobe Illustrator already? Hear’s what Sandra Vincent had to say about that: “I am so excited to have learnt some new Illustrator skills even after using it for many years in my profession. I've loved learning how to create my own pattern! These new valuable skills are something for me to add for customers to purchase on my website :).”

Sandra’s sketch and pattern came out beautifully as well. In just 5 days!

Step 4: Gather Your Supplies

Here is a handy supply list for you that includes my favorite supplies. All you need is:

o   a Canson mixed media sketchbook

o   a set of Micron fineliner pens

your smartphone

o   Adobe Illustrator – free trials are available at

We are going to keep this really simple with the goal of getting you through the entire process in just 5 days. My goal is for you to create your first repeating pattern from start to finish using Adobe Illustrator. Once you understand and complete the basic steps, you are on your way to creating beautiful work and exploring the myriad ways you can sell these patterns on real products.

Need more encouragement? Don’t believe you can learn these valuable skills in 5 days? Here’s what Knicki Markolf had to say: “My big win was actually using Illustrator. I thought it would be too overwhelming and would take a while to pull off a pattern. In 5 days no less!?! But Anne, you did a beautiful job leading us through it step by step and making it achievable.”

When Knicki posted her pattern she said: “I can’t believe I made this pattern!” And look how lovely it is.

Knicki Markoff %22I can't believe I did this pattern!%22.png

Step 5: Everything Starts on September 30

Get excited and bring your enthusiasm and imagination to our first session together. Teaching this workshop and sharing my passion for Surface Pattern Design is what brings me the most joy all year.

Here’s how Jamie Banta describes the experience: “Anne offers a fun, hands-on class, teaching an immediately useful skill. She is an enthusiastic, engaging and encouraging instructor. I didn’t know how easy and fun it is to make these patterns. My mind is spinning with the possibilities for my own artwork. 😊 Thank you for opening a new avenue of creativity to me.”

Here is Jamie’s fabulous work.

I cannot wait to see what you create and open your eyes to the potential and possibilities that await you in this amazing industry. At the end of the workshop, I’ll open enrollment one last time this year to my signature 8-week coaching and training program, The Pattern Design Academy. More about that later.

Join me and let’s get started!

Free LIVE workshop:  How to Get Started in Surface Pattern Design.


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