5 Ways New Beginnings Can Help You Move Forward

New beginnings are frequently timed around the first of the year when many of us like to set goals for ourselves. However, finding opportunities for new beginnings throughout the year is a wonderful and refreshing practice. As most of you know, my beautiful and brilliant Mum passed away a week ago. As I continue to honor her, I’ve decided to focus on new beginnings for myself and share five of them with you here.

#1 Morning Rituals

What makes you happy and brings you joy first thing in the morning? Look around and notice where the sunlight creates shadows. Sit outside in your garden, on your deck or just on your front stairs and listen to the sounds around you. Life is everywhere. In the breeze as it rustles through the leaves on nearby trees. In the sound of cars whistling by. In the hum of the lawn mower next door.

Take a few minutes to just be and observe life around you. 

#2 New Discoveries

Is there something you have always wanted to learn but keep putting off? Maybe it’s a new language. Maybe it’s a new creative pursuit. Do it. Don’t wait for another day. Find the best teacher or online program or resource and get started. Learning something new is refreshing and exciting and stimulating. There are so many associated benefits when you embark on learning something new. New communities to join. New friends to be made.

Don’t put this off until tomorrow. Seize today.

#3 Restart

I purchased several online programs this year to help take my business to the next level. I didn’t have time to keep up with them when my Mum got so sick. Now’s the time for me (and you) to restart. Don’t go negative and think: “I’m so far behind that it’s impossible to catch up.” Take out your planner and set aside a small amount of time every day or three times a week to watch the videos or listen to the podcasts or do whatever is required to access the course content.  

Small steps forward will get you there. Baby steps.

#4 Self-Care

As soon as my Mum left this world, my attention changed to focus on my Dad. He is 90 and the sense of loss is overwhelming for all of us but especially for him. He and my Mum recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Self-care for him is critical right now but it’s also critical for me and you. If you enjoy mani-pedis, go get one. If you’d rather relax with an aromatherapy massage, call to set up an appointment right now. Go for a walk to move your body and get out of the house. Whatever works best for you, do it. 

You can’t care for others if you don’t properly care for yourself. I have to admit that I struggle with this one but let’s make progress, okay?

#5 Memories

While savoring each memory you have of loved ones who have departed, create new ones. I’m spending more time at my parents’ house because it’s a big house and I don’t want my Dad to be alone. There are beautiful spaces for me to work in. I recorded this week’s YouTube video in the backyard and it’s so lovely out there. My Mum, right before she died, had new flowers and plants installed. She is present everywhere I look.

Memories are forever. Cherish the old and start making new ones today.

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It’s Never Too Late to Create

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