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I just wrapped up my most recent free LIVE Workshop: How To Get Started in Surface Pattern Design. It was incredible with amazing engagement by the 847 creatives who participated. I taught them how to make their very first successfully repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator. In 10 days. With many of them using Illustrator for the very first time. It was magnificent. We have been celebrating their WINS together.

Now I’ve opened the doors to my signature program, The Pattern Design Academy. This 8-week online training and coaching program, that starts on May 27, is like no other in the industry. Because my business is small, I can provide personalized support throughout the program, and afterwards, which is a game changer. Instead of me talking about it, why don’t we hear from past students instead!

"Before I took Anne's Academy program, I had never taken an online class before. I was not expecting to get as personal an education as I received in her program. Her live video demos, recorded video modules, timely email responses and the student community she has built inside the private Facebook group has completely changed my life. In 8 short weeks I'm making artwork that I'm proud of. I never thought this world of art would be open to me but now I dream of new possibilities daily." - Kathleen Lambert

"This program exceeded my expectations. I loved how if someone had a problem with a design, you would trouble shoot it for everyone and make a video where we all could see how to solve the problem. You were always available for us and thank you for the "surprise" watercolor bonus. That was above and beyond! You are a great teacher. Thank you!" - Mary Chapman

I highly recommend this program! The way you created personalized videos to help us when we got stuck was unbelievable. Your engagement and availability throughout was amazing from the live Q&A sessions to the way you were constantly checking in with us in the private Facebook group." - Jodena Beard

"This course has been amazing. I have gained so much knowledge. The timeline was fantastic and I was able to move at my own pace. For me, what has been most important, has been the confidence that I've gained in my skills. The private Facebook group was fantastic with the support, help, kindness and constant sharing of information." Vivian Gomez

"Anne LaFollette was an absolute joy to have as an instructor and coach. Her endless enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge is just what I needed to spark my creativity. I retired from an executive job to raise our family and then found myself unexpectedly widowed at a somewhat young age. Anne's Academy program is worth every minute of your time. You will not be disappointed in the knowledge and opportunity for personal growth. Don't hesitate to expand your life and brain! " Laurie Christensen

The Academy program delivers the A to Z about surface pattern design with training, coaching and support so that you can thrive in the surface design industry. To break it down for you, you get:

·      8 in-depth training modules

·      Downloadable workbooks and cheat sheets

·      A private members-only Facebook group

·      Weekly LIVE coaching sessions

·      LIVE demos where you see my step by step process on screen

·      Personalized recorded videos (one per student)

·      Lifetime access for the life of the course and future updates

·      Support AFTER the course ends with monthly touch bases for 6 months

Here’s an overview of each Module.

Module 1: Mastering Adobe Illustrator, released May 27. Learn all of the tips and techniques you need to master this program. My mission is to get you comfortable with the tech so that it moves into the background and you can focus on design and creativity. 

Module 2: Mood Boards to Guide Your Work, released June 3. Starting your creative work flow with a mood board is particularly effective when working towards building cohesive surface design collections. We'll cover everything from inspiration, to picking a theme, to completing a mood board and everything that entails.

Module 3: All About Motifs, released June 10. This module is all about motifs and learning the myriad ways to bring them to life in your designs. We'll explore color, how to pick the best Illustrator tools to enhance your designs and the super fun Recolor Artwork tool!

Module 4: Pattern Design Fundamentals, released June 17. Now we dive into pattern design and what makes a successful pattern. We'll also explore how to incorporate the iPad Pro, Apple pencil and Procreate into your workflow!

Module 5: Advanced Pattern Techniques, released June 24. In this module, you'll learn how to create layered, diagonal, grid, geometric, and half-drop patterns as well as how to add background textures to your patterns. These techniques will deepen your skills and set you up for success in creating stunning pattern collections.

Module 6:  Working in Collections, released July 1. Learn everything you need to know about collections: what they are, key terms and definitions, why designers create collections, and best practice workflow techniques to start creating your own.

Module 7: How to Sell Your Work, released July 8. There are so many options for selling your work today. In this module we'll cover physical products, digital products and everything about print on demand sites and licensing. You'll learn the nuts and bolts requirements for uploading your files successfully to Spoonflower, Society6 and more.

Module 8: Preparing Your Portfolio, released July 15. In this module, we'll cover what's critical to include in your portfolio, how to create product mock-ups, and the importance of both an online portfolio and a printed portfolio. Once finished, you are ready to open for business!

Beyond the core content, the program includes 4 incredible bonuses 

Bonus #1: A private, members-only Facebook group for community, support and encouragement.

Bonus #2: Weekly LIVE Q&As with special demonstrations of key techniques.

Bonus #3: Personalized videos (one per student). Send me your work and I’ll record a video demonstrating what needs to happen next.

Bonus #4: Ongoing support AFTER the 8-week program ends. An additional 6 months of support via monthly touch bases in the private Facebook group.

When I talked about the program in Anne’s Art Club earlier this week, someone asked if the program included anything about using watercolor artwork to make surface designs. I was keeping this as a special “surprise bonus” that only students in the program would find out about, but I had to be honest, answer the question, and divulge this secret. Yes, there is an extra module called: Working With Watercolor. I like to include surprises like this to delight my students. There may be more but you’ll have to enroll to find out!

I’d love for you to join us and ENROLL TODAY. The enrollment window closes on Thursday, May 23 at 9pm PST.


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