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I attended the Kajabi Impact Summit this past weekend and an incredible line up of speakers shared their wisdom with us. Online business leaders including Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Jasmine Star, Chalene Johnson and Brendon Burchard imparted their knowledge and advice from years of growing their online businesses and personal brands.

I was incredibly blessed to be invited to participate on a panel during the event. More about my panel later but that’s me in the orange sweater. My first time on stage!

Let me share my biggest takeaways from the event. I have pages and pages of notes and am excited to implement new techniques into my creative business. But the best part of the event was listening to each speaker’s advice on how you can move forward and make progress in your life and creative business every day. I’ve picked my top three to share with you.

 Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the host of the top performing podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy and she offers online courses on how to create and sell online courses. Very meta, right? She is well known for her step-by-step teaching style, incredible support, and engaging personality. Her presentation at the Summit was called: The 10 Battle-Tested Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Launching My Very First Digital Course.  

She delivered an action-packed presentation and throughout returned to this theme: “Take action every day. Ask yourself: Did you do something today that is going to impact the goal you’re going after?” This is so important because sometimes when you get stuck, you don’t know how to get unstuck. Taking action, no matter how small, towards your goals keeps you moving forward and with forward movement comes momentum and progress.

Many of you are in my monthly membership, The Pattern Design Club, or recently took my signature course, The Pattern Design Academy. Or you may be in my Bonus Experience right now where I’m guiding you through Bonnie Christine’s 2019 Immersion Course. I’m so proud of the work you are doing! You are action takers who are devouring new course content every day to build your skills. The forward momentum is incredible and I can’t wait for you to look back at this period and realize how much progress you’ve made. You are taking action every day.

Here’s a short video snippet of Amy getting introduced at the event.

James Wedmore

James Wedmore is the host of James Wedmore TV, his YouTube channel with over 1 million views. His mission is to show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of money. His presentation was called: Beyond The Course: How To Double Revenue And Deepen Impact With A Product Path.

He is an avid surfer living in Southern California and delivered gold nuggets of information in a relaxed and laid-back manner. He focused on core values and mindset shifts that are so important to achieving your creative goals. His mantra is: “Don’t wait until you have all the answers before you get started. Action creates clarity.” Does this message resonate with you?

You might think that you have to have everything figured out before putting your creative work out into the world. However, by getting started, you’ll learn on so many different levels. Maybe you’ll start by creating a shop on Society6, a print-on-demand site that enables you to sell your surface designs on over 50 different products. If you do, you’ll learn a ton about scale and what designs look best on certain products. This information is priceless and you gain clarity from it.

Here’s a short video of James’ closing comments.

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a world-renowned photographer and business strategist who dropped out of law school to pursue her dreams of being a photographer. She founded Social Curator, a social media marketing membership for creative business owners, and empowers entrepreneurs to build personal brands and create a life you love. Her presentation was called: The Ultimate Instagram Launch Strategy: How To Convert Followers Into Customers.

She is an incredibly dynamic speaker, both down to earth and inspirational with frequent, engaging interactions with the audience. As a preacher’s daughter, she knows how to get the crowd involved and up on your feet! I love her overall message which is: “Success isn’t luck, getting a break, or having connections. Success is showing up every day when no one is watching and honing your craft, even when you doubt something will come of it.”

In our social media saturated world, this is a tough one sometimes. You see other people’s Instagram accounts with thousands of followers and it makes you feel bad. But remember, everyone starts with zero followers and the number of followers is irrelevant if they aren’t directly or indirectly supporting your creative goals. Sticking to your path and honing your skills is what’s going to make the different in the long run.

Here’s a short snippet of Jasmine interacting with the audience.

I hope these messages resonate with you and as I wrap up, if you’d like to learn more about Kajabi and everything it has to offer creative business owners like you, here is my affiliate link to check it out.


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