Behind The Scenes At My Last Photoshoot


Have you been on a photoshoot before? I’ve been on the periphery of some in the past when I worked in the corporate world. But I’ve only recently needed to schedule them for my own business. It’s an entirely different experience when your own products are the star of the show. What a treat!

Before I jump into the joys of the photoshoot itself, let me introduce you to Kim Thompson Steel, my amazing photographer, visual story teller and friend. I first met Kim when we were both volunteering at The Hivery, an exquisite co-working space in downtown Mill Valley, California. I wrote about The Hivery’s 3rd Annual Entrepreneur + Inspiration Lab last week.

Kim’s background is in animation, having worked for many years at Industrial Light & Magic, which is the gold standard in the film and animation business. All the animation and special effects for the Star Wars movies are created and produced there.

So, gasp, when I first met her, I was super intimidated by her pedigree. However, I soon realized that Kim is super approachable, kind, and oh so very talented. One of her unique gifts is visual story telling through her photography and video work. I absolutely adore her style, her perspective and her overall approach.

We reconnected recently and scheduled a half day shoot to capture new product photos for my website refresh. I’ll be sharing THAT exciting story with you next week.

Kim had the brilliant idea of shooting in downtown San Francisco, for a change of pace, in a Breather space in a lovely old building. Of course, our well laid plans of dropping everything off and then finding parking nearby didn’t go exactly as planned. What with construction, exorbitant parking garage prices and morning commute traffic, we got a bit of a late start.

Here are a few “behind the scenes” photos I snapped as we arrived and started to get organized.

Once we got settled, finished our coffees and scoped out the space, we quickly realized that we had scored big time. The space was lovely with the morning light streaming through the large nearly floor to ceiling windows. Over the course of the morning, the light continued to shift and Kim was able to capture incredible product shots moving between the two small rooms to take advantage of it.

We, of course, had an ENORMOUS and overly aggressive shot list and worked without a break for nearly 4 hours! At one point we looked at each other and realized we were exhausted and needed to call it a day. 

I’ve included some of my favorite photos from the shoot to give you a feel for the space, the light and Kim’s gorgeous camera work. I’m so blessed to have someone so talented in my community and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

She’ll be writing her own version of this story soon and I’ll be sure to link over to it when she does. In the meantime, pop over to her website to read more of her story and take in additional videos and photographs from her recent projects.

Thank you, Kim, for an amazing day together and for these brilliant photographs. I can’t wait to do it again.

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