Join My Pattern Design Masterclass! It Starts on Thursday.

I’m very excited to announce my brand new Pattern Design Masterclass! I’ve been working on this material and the overall four-part system for some time. Now it’s ready for YOU.

In this free Masterclass, I’ll share my four-part system for how to learn and thrive in the wonderful world of pattern design. You know how passionate I am about pattern design! Ever since I started to explore this field several years ago, I’ve been totally hooked.

After teaching over 350 students how to make their first repeating pattern and helping them create real products using their own unique designs, I decided it was time for a fresh, new Masterclass.

The Pattern Design Masterclass is FREE and the entire goal of the program is to help you make progress, step by step, towards your individual dreams and goals in pattern design.

Supporting you, cheering you on, providing advice and helping you navigate through this exciting learning journey is what it’s all about.

The Masterclass is free for the next two weeks. I’ll be opening my private Pattern Design membership soon, but for the next two weeks, this Masterclass is free.

Register HERE to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

The Masterclass is organized around four LIVE lessons that will be broadcast from my Facebook Page: Anne LaFollette Art. Bookmark my page HERE.

In addition to the LIVE sessions, you’ll get access to video tutorials that support each LIVE lesson. Register HERE to gain access to these special video tutorials.

Once you’re registered, save your password in a safe place so you can access the videos quickly and easily as they get released.

This Masterclass won’t be offered again in 2018. Don’t miss it. It’s going to be A-MAZ-ING.

Please take note of these key dates: 

·      Lesson 1: Thursday, September 27th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time

·      Lesson 2: Monday, October 1st at 1pm Pacific Standard Time

·      Lesson 3: Thursday, October 4th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time

·      Lesson 4: Monday, October 8th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time

Let me tell you a bit more about each lesson, what’s included, and the progress you’ll make as you follow along.

Lesson 1:  Inspiration & Sketching

We’ll begin by exploring what inspires you, how to gather inspirational material, and the benefits of creating a mood board.

Lesson 2: Building Your Motifs

In this lesson, we’ll move onto the computer to create vector artwork from your sketches. Once your motifs are digitized, we’ll explore various ways to add color and create an overall color palette.

Lesson 3: Creating Your Pattern

This lesson is where the real fun begins! You’ll play with the placement and scale of your motifs and learn the three “golden rules” of creating a pattern that repeats seamlessly.

Lesson 4: Selling Your Work

Finally, we’ll wrap up with an overview of the different ways in which you can sell your designs to make passive income.

The four sessions (or lessons) make up a complete course and it’s completely free. The first lesson is live on Thursday.

Each LIVE session is supported with a video tutorial where you’ll see demonstrations of key steps, frequent mistakes and how to overcome them.

Don’t forget that you need to register HERE in order to access the video component of this free training.

The LIVE sessions take place on my Facebook Page: Anne LaFollette Art. Bookmark the page HERE for easy access.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 27th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time. Participating LIVE will be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to ask questions in the moment and I’ll answer them!

I can’t wait to see you in the Masterclass. Invite your friends to follow along too. This Masterclass won’t be offered again in 2018. So you don’t want to miss it.

Remember, It’s Never Too Late To Create.



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