Watercolor Flowers: My Newest Skillshare Class

I’m so excited to blog about my newest Skillshare class: Watercolor Flowers. If you’ve been reading my blog for the past month or so, you know I’ve been doing a TON of watercolor work and am experiencing a renewed love for this medium.

I was inspired to create this class by Yao Cheng, a beautiful watercolor artist in Ohio. She was classically trained in the arts and spent time in Asia learning Chinese painting techniques. You can check out her lovely work on her website Yao Cheng Design.

In my blog 5 Reasons to Give Watercolor a Try, I mentioned that I was following her 31 days of painting flowers class on creativebug.com.

Our styles are totally different. And I cannot even begin to compare my work with hers. She is a classically trained artist with a beautiful, elegant style. I’m a self-taught watercolorist and am constantly learning and developing my skills.

I’m not sure why, but I don’t sketch before I start painting. Maybe it's because I’m a neat freak, something I mentioned in that same blog post! It bothers me that you can’t completely erase pencil marks once you have applied watercolor, or other paint. As a result, I don’t sketch first, I just jump right in!

Because I don’t have an outline to follow, I often use my initial brush strokes to outline the shape I’m painting. I’ll then add internal details and apply other watercolor techniques, such as wet on wet or color mixing, once my outline is in place.

My favorite coffee table book that is full of gorgeous flowers that inspire my watercolor work, is Caroline Roehm’s Flowers published in 2012. The photography is spectacular and every flower featured in the book is represented in several varieties and a range of colors. There a link to the book in the sidebar area.

Flowers book.jpg

I’m super excited that Skillshare decided to feature my class in their Fine Art section this month. I do not consider myself a fine art professional. When describing what I do, I always say: I’m an artist with a little “a”!

I’d love for you to explore this class. You can watch the introductory video and if you decide to join Skillshare after watching it, you’ll get 2 months FREE!

If you are already one of my students on Skillshare, THANK YOU! One of the odd things about how Skillshare works is that teachers don’t get access to anyone’s email or contact information. I do my best to connect with students through the discussion area that’s available below each class but not everyone uses that. And it’s not the same as direct email contact.

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I hope to see you inside Anne’s Art Club or in another one of my classes soon!

Remember, It’s Never Too Late To Create.



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