It's Finally Feeling Like Spring!

I woke up this morning and realized: It’s finally feeling like Spring. Yay! I’m in Northern California and it’s been raining a LOT recently. We need it. We always need more water up here so I can’t complain. But today, it’s clear and beautiful with a bright blue sky. When I went for my walk this morning, I saw plants and flowers blooming everywhere.

Our son, Matt, is in school in Providence, Rhode Island, and the eastern seaboard is still covered in snow. It will be another month or more before he feels like Spring has arrived. All the more reason to be grateful for where I live and for the beauty that surrounds me.

Happy Easter! Happy Pesach! Happy Spring!

Spring, Easter and Passover commemorate new beginnings, renewal, and freedom. On a more practical level, Spring is frequently associated with spring cleaning and getting rid of the old to make room for the new. I frequently decide to attack our garage clean-up project at this time of year but don't often make much progress. I tell myself: There is always next year!

I love to celebrate Easter with my family and I’ve planned for a pretty table setting and a delicious meal of rib roast and fresh vegetables from our local farmers market. Here are some pictures from past celebrations. I wish you and your family the very best during this holiday season.

What does all this have to do with art and a creative practice, you wonder?

Well, I’m launching a new private Facebook group for us called Anne’s Art Club. The goal of the group is to enable direct engagement between us and to provide you with a forum to ask questions, post the art you create when you participate in my free tutorials, and most importantly, provide a supportive community for all of us.  The interaction in the group will help me understand your needs better and deliver as much value as I can through this blog and my weekly emails. Please join my email list HERE if you would like to become a member of this private Facebook group.

I’m super excited about it and will be in the group hosting live AMA’s (ask me anything sessions) starting next Wednesday, April 4th at noon PST. I can’t wait to get started and have the opportunity to hear from you every week! This is a private group for my email subscribers. Please click HERE to request to join it.

In closing, I thought I'd show you the behind the scenes process I use to create pattern designs. At the end of each month, I send my email subscribers a few freebies. These include free wallpaper designs for your phone, desktop or laptop computer as well as a printable calendar for the month. 

Click the video below to watch my process! If you aren't on my email list and would like to receive these freebies, please join my email list HERE.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog and please share it with your friends.

Happy Easter. Happy Pesach. Happy Spring.

And remember: It's Never Too Late To Create!



Here is the audio recording of last week's blog. Download it and listen on the go!