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The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.
— Julia Cameron

With my husband, Tom, at MVFF41

With my husband, Tom, at MVFF41

With our son, Matt, in Ireland

With our son, Matt, in Ireland

With my parents & siblings in Greece, 1970

With my parents & siblings in Greece, 1970

A Little About Me…

I was born on the East Coast but we moved to Brussels when I was 8 and then to Paris when I was 10. We lived in the 6eme in an apartment overlooking the Place St. Sulpice. I walked to school through les Jardins du Luxembourg… Can you imagine a more idyllic childhood?

We returned to the U.S., the West Coast this time and my parents still live happily in the San Francisco home they bought when we moved back in the 1970s. Our cultural re-entry was softened considerably by summers spent at Stinson beach and truly unique and awe-inspiring family vacations rafting in the Grand Canyon.

I’m an introvert but I’m always soaking in my surroundings, breathing in the air around me, and taking note of the beauty that’s everywhere to be found.

After a 25+ year career climbing the corporate ladder at global retails like Esprit, Gap and Old Navy, I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my job and found myself at a total loss. My entire adult identity was my job and what came with it. HOWEVER, my Irish Mum always taught me that when one door closes, another opens…

Exploring my creativity at the age of 55 was an adventure and I quickly found that years of built up expression emerged. This was uniquely true when I discovered surface pattern design. I was HOOKED and still can’t wait to jump out of bed each morning to learn more and hone my skills.

Along this wonderful journey came teaching and creating a thriving entrepreneurial business built around my love of surface pattern design. I’m excited to share my passion with you through my signature 8-week online training & coaching program, The Pattern Design Academy.

It’s Never Too Late To Create